If you’re an online shopper, then you must know the pain of not having a credit card or debit card on hand. Lucky for you, BPI now offers the new ePay Mastercard, their newest withdrawable prepaid card.

Did I mention it was “withdrawable”? Unlike the previous ePrepaid card, you can withdraw money using your ePay Mastercard in any BPI ATM machine.

It can be used in any store affiliated with Mastercard.

The best part is, you don’t need to open a BPI bank account to apply for a card. All you need is 5 minutes to fill up the online application form, a valid ID, your confirmation email, and Php 150.

Just follow the following steps.

Step 1. Fill out the online application form

You will also be asked for your email and contact number. Make sure to use a functional working email because your email confirmation will be sent there.

Step 2. Print Your Confirmation Email

Please note that card application fee was changed from Php 300 to Php 150

A confirmation email will be immediately sent to your account after applying. Make sure to print out or take a screenshot of this email as you will need to present it upon claiming your card.

Step 3. Claim Your BPI ePay Mastercard

a5b9264f-BPI ePay Card Image.png

All you need to do is to go to your selected BPI branch after 7-10 banking days from your application. Just make sure to claim the card within 30 days from the application date; otherwise, it will be destroyed.

To claim your card, simply present:

  • A copy of your confirmation email
  • One valid ID
  • Application fee of Php 150 [updated as of October 4, 2019]

BPI ePay Mastercard FAQs

Can I withdraw money from my ePay Mastercard?

Yes. You can withdraw from any ATM machine for a charge of Php 20. Upon withdrawal, simply choose Credit Card instead of Savings or Current when asked for the type of account.

Also, I noticed that the card can’t be used in some banks, such as Landbank and Security Bank. I was, however, able to withdraw from most ATMs such as BDO, RCBC, PNB, etc. Additional charges may apply, however.

How do I load my BPI ePay Mastercard?

If you have a BPI account, then you can easily load your card using BPI online or BPI mobile.

Simply log in to your BPI account, click on Transfer Funds, and make sure to select the Load Prepaid Card option as highlighted above. A transfer fee of Php 10 is charged per transaction.

If you don’t have a BPI account, you can load your accounts over-the-counter at any BPI branch.

For online sellers, you can tell your clients with BPI accounts to simply transfer funds to your Prepaid Card.

Can I use my BPI ePay Mastercard to pay for online purchases?

Absolutely, yes! One of the things I love about the BPI ePay Mastercard is its ability to transact online purchases. I use it to pay for airline tickets, Klook vouchers, Netflix subscriptions, and more.

Can I connect my BPI ePay Mastercard to PayPal?

Yes, you can link your BPI ePay to PayPal. Make sure that your account has at least Php 150 load before connecting it to your account. PayPal charges $1 to link your card, and another Php 100 when you confirm your card. After successful confirmation, PayPal will return the Php100 in the form of credits.

How do I check my load balance?

You can easily check your load balance online by going to the BPI Online Login Page. Click on ‘Inquire Prepaid Card Balance’ and simply fill in the necessary card details.

BPI ePay Mastercard Inquire Load Balance
Click on the Inquire Prepaid Card Balance (Highlighted in Red)

Is there a maintaining balance?

Have any more questions? Simply drop a comment or email me at alyzza.acabal@gmail.com.

No maintaining balance is required. However, similar to a credit card, the BPI ePay Mastercard has an expiration date which can be found at the front portion of your card.

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    1. Hi Mariah, I’m not sure why you still haven’t received your confirmation email. You can try to check your Junk Mail or re-apply online. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can go to the BPI branch nearest you and apply there. Best of luck!

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