The other day, my mother taught me a lesson about EXCELLENCE. She mentioned that I may think that my job as a home-based virtual assistant is ideal, but in reality, it often molds me into someone who is just trying to comply with deadlines – a person who is content with mediocrity.

At that time, I wanted to defend my profession and explain to her the gravity of my work, but I chose to stay silent and meditate about it. For days, the thought wandered in my head, urging me to put my emotions into a collection of words. I ended up praying about it and asked God for wisdom.

Me: Father, what is excellence?
God: Excellence is seeking my Kingdom above anything else.

Me: But Father, how do I know that I have done enough?
God: Daughter, stop thinking that it is you who are doing the work, but rather I through you.

Me: Lord, how do I bring glory to my profession?
God: My daughter, you are exactly where I want you to be. People may not realize that they are reading the articles you’ve written, or that you are expected to write 2000-word articles in a day, or that you are required to come up with extraordinary ideas each week. I am trying to teach you a lesson in humility, so that you may keep your feet on the ground when I shall lift you up.

Me: But Lord, how do I make them understand?
God: Daughter, you do not need to explain anything to anyone. What you do in public will be rewarded by praises of this world. But those that you do in private is seen only by your Father in Heaven and He shall reward you with eternal gifts.

Me: Father, I’m starting to feel lonely.
God: Daughter, why are you trying to question my judgment? You have gone astray, but I have brought you back to your hometown because that is where you are meant to be. I have given you the opportunity to change the life of your family, to share to them the gospel, to guide your kids in their spiritual journey.

Me: Lord, forgive me for not seeing this.
God: You are my daughter, and I know what’s best for you. Every life that I brought into this earth has a purpose, whether they are a banker or a janitor, a businessman or a housewife.

Excellence, my daughter, is not about keeping up with the standards of this world, for you will only be weary of pleasing men.

But if you cast your burdens upon me and obey my commands, I assure you not just excellence, but a reward that no one in this earth may give.

Thank you again, Father, for your guidance and your assurance. I will never tire of talking to You. Surely, you have made me understand that there may also be excellence in doing the ordinary when it involves glorifying Your name.

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